tехнические характеристики Honda Civic Type- R EP3. Cнаряженная масса. килограмма ( фунта). Год внедрения. Объем двигателя. кубических сантиметров ( литра / кубических дюймов).

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In Honda introduced the next generation of the Civic Type R (EP3) as a unique 3-door hatchback to the UK market, which was manufactured in Swindon, England. This EDM (European Domestic Market) Civic Type R featured a PS ( kW; hp) L i-VTEC engine (K20A2) and the. Honda Civic Type- R vs Mini Cooper S vs Audi TT Coupe quattro vs Alfa Romeo GT V6. More Honda cars Listen, back in , say u were given £16, to buy a brand new car that you wanted to race round a track, tell me what you would have bought seriously cos obviously theres.

From +R to Sport and Comfort modes, the Civic Type R can retune suspension, adjust throttle response and change steering settings to optimize every experience behind the wheel. Track Tunes With a glossy 7-inch Display Audio touch-screen in the dash and a booming watt, speaker premium audio system, the Civic Type R is an unmatched driving. 06/06/ · Honda Civic Type-R ( - ) in-depth review. Read our experts' views on the engine, practicality, running costs, overall performance and more.4/5.

Полностью новый Civic Type R на базе популярной модели Honda Civic седьмого поколения поступил в продажу в Японии в декабре. Первый Honda Civic Type R, доступный на европейском рынке, а не только в качестве модели для внутреннего японского рынка, появился в году.

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